SL.No Name of the Patentee Title of the Patent View
1 Dr. SV Ravindra CTAO- Education Monitoring: loT based Education Monitoring for Checking the Class Teacher Available in a Class and Notes Available On-line Notified View
2 Dr. JD Sunitha ISUAV-Woman Security: Intelligent Woman Security Using Streetight and Auto Run UnmannedAerial Vehicle Using 1OT- Based Technology View
3 Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni Title of the invention: Intelligent dental implants in surgical procedures View
4 Dr. S V Ravindra et al Title of the invention: Challenges and opportunities for providing safe care at real time denist View
5 Dr. T.R.Jaya Prakash Reddy Advanced metal braces for orthodontic treatment View
6 Dr . Nassemoon Shaiik Isolation and characterisation of oral microbes View
7 Dr. Ruparani Bodduru Recued the gum disease is caused by plaque the sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming on our teeth View
8 Dr. Shreya Colvenkar Science of forensic in general and to a method for the identification of humans for forensic reasons View
9 Dr. JD Sunitha Intelligent toothbrush for smart dental healthcare monitoring using IOT View