Campus Facilities


MNR strives for excellence in catering to the needs and comfort of the students. Immediately after the commencement of its Medical College Campus (MNR-HERA) at Sangareddy, Telangana State. It has provided transportation facilities shuttling across various parts of Hyderabad city and the College, initially with three buses.

Over the years as 8 more institutions of various specialties were established on the same MNR-HERA campus, MNR as customary, seeing the necessity of transport services to the growing number of students, sprang into action by operating 10 buses shuttling across various parts of Hyderabad and Secunderabad city and the campus.

A separate transport facility is also provided for sports, library, laboratory, special classes, and late evening classes. Also, buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays, for students who are participating in NCC/NSS, sports, special occasions, and functions, etc.

A transport committee headed by the Transport Officer takes care of the smooth operation of buses schedule and maintainance.