Extension / Outreach Programs

Extension/ Outreach Programs

Schools remain an important setting offering an efficient and effective way to reach children. They provide a setting for the efficient delivery of health education programmes, giving access to large number of children. Oral health promotion activities can easily be integrated into school curriculum and activities. It is an economical and powerful means of raising community health in future generations.


  • To help every school child appreciate importance of a healthy mouth.
  • To appreciate the relationship of dental health to general health & appearance.
  • To encourage dental health care practices, including personal care, professional care, proper diet and oral habits.
  • To correlate dental health activities with total school health program.
  • To stimulate development of available resources to make dental care available to all children & youth.
  • To assist in the identification & education of handicapped children.
  • To provide emergency service for injury or sudden sickness.

In this regard an out reach program was conducted in ZPHs girls high school sangareddy town . in order to improve the oral health awareness among female minority children Dept of Public Health Dentistry, MNR DENTAL COLLEGE conducted a outreach program. During the course of program female children were brought to dental college in a bus and screened for oral diseases and these children were educated on importance of oral health. Children were also asked to take oath to brush twice a day. After the screening children were dropped at the school . this is a ongoing program in which about 30-35 children are bought to school screened and sent back.