Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

MNR Higher Education Research Academy (MNR-HERA) campus at Sangareddy, Telangana State, is spread over 110 acres, the entire campus is constructed with an aesthetic touch, marked by huge trees and greenery all around, lending a serene atmosphere to this austere abode of education. MNR-HERA provides the best of facilities to all the students, to make them comfortable so that they can have life-long memories and also they can concentrate on their academics without any distractions.

The facilities provided to each student include a canteen, supermarket, stationery shop with a Reprography facility, an auditorium, hostel, 3-tier security surveillance, NCC-NSS, healthcare, library, gymnasium, recreation, and sports arenas. These facilities provide the students a unique learning experience, thus facilitating advances in education.

MNR Green Initiative:

Our campus stands by the theme “MNR GREEN INITIATIVE”. Our campus is encased with various plants and trees making it livelier. Our tarred roadways provide comfortable access to all areas of our campus and there are Signage’s are present to provide directions for easy commutation throughout the vast campus.

MNR Green Initiative - Guidelines for Visitors :

Visitors are requested to kindly follow the below guidelines to help us maintain a clean & green campus

  • This is a pollution free & peaceful campus.
  • Please maintain silence while in the Campus.
  • Help us to maintain the high standards of clean & hygienic environment.
  • Please dispose of waste in dustbins only & do not litter.
  • Do not spit in the campus.
  • Please avoid using plastic covers / bottles etc.
  • Do not pluck flowers / plants.
  • Always use Foot-Paths while walking in the Campus. Do not walk through the lawns / plantations.
  • Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, distribution / use of drugs, chewing gutka is strictly prohibited & is a punishable offence.
  • Visitor vehicles are not allowed into the campus. Please park your vehicles at the main gate parking area.
  • Old & disabled persons can use our campus battery Car Service for transportation within campus.
  • Please care for the animals / birds in the campus. Do not disturb them.


The campus has a fully air-conditioned auditorium, Symposiums, conventions, conferences, and various events are held here by different specialties. And all the Institutions annual day celebrations and convocation ceremonies are arranged every year in this auditorium.


The campus has a well-equipped Central Library also known as MNR Knowledge Center spread over 3685 square meters area, with Separate AC rooms, exclusively for PGs and teaching staff. The main aim of the central library is to provide and disseminate all health sciences information to students, faculty, and research scholars of the constituent Health Science Colleges of MNR Educational Trust. The state-of-the-art central library is the domain for information seekers, be it students, faculty, or researchers.

The library caters to the information needs of approximately 1150 users of MNR Campus, providing access to various international and national journals of different specialties. It has a separate Virtual classroom with 120 seating capacity for conducting academic activities like CME & CD programs and several guest lectures and video conferences are conducted here. Along with all these facilities, a separate IT zone is provided for accessing e-resources with 40 nodes and a high-speed Wi-Fi facility.

This functions as the main library at the campus where closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV's) are installed as security measures. Apart from the central library, each department has a separate library focusing on subject-related books and e-library collections.

The Library has over 38,575 volumes (Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Homoeopathy, and other related General books) classified textbooks, reference books with group study area for graduate and post-graduate students, and a separate study area for faculty.

MNR subscribes to 325 National & International journals and also 1225 e-journals and 487 e-books and other medical-related e-resources. The library also has a huge collection of educational CDs, audio, and videos providing vast information on every aspect of human illness and treatment procedures.


The MNR-HERA Campus has a well-maintained canteen for both day scholars and hostlers, including doctors, guests, and VIPs. As many students from different states and cultural backgrounds avail themselves of the hostel facilities. The Trust made it mandatory that diverse food habits and taste preferences come to the dining table. Expert MNR chefs from northern and southern India with their specialties, churn out great tasting food every day.

The canteen is situated within the college campus. It is open for all and has separate seating arrangements. They serve delicious food of all varieties and types (North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese dishes), snacks, soft drinks, and regular meals are available at subsidized rates.

The canteen facility has a built-up area of 980.160 sq. m. It provides a separate sitting area for students, faculty, VIPs, and guests. It offers multi-cuisine food at a very affordable price. The canteen has also made provisions for improving mini cafeterias across the campus


HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector banks in India. It has installed its fully functional ATM on the campus.

WIFI facility:

World-Class, Wifi-Enabled Facility for Better Access to Immense Resources Online! Our MNR campuses are Wi-Fi-enabled and equipped with high spend internet connection to ensure students have uninterrupted access to invaluable resources online! The world of internet has opened up millions of doors which were otherwise inaccessible or unavailable for many! In order to make the most of immense and up-to-date resources available in the cloud storage, the campus is enabled with high-speed internet, accessible from anywhere inside the campus. The accessibility range is not just limited to the classrooms, but to all facilities within the campus premises. We encourage our students and faculty members to use the high-powered internet by registering their ‘i-connect devices’ to the provided network. The network connectivity is free for all students and staff members of MNR Group of Institutions!

National Service Scheme (NSS)

MNR Medical College & Hospital is associated with NSS since 2009. Various activities are organized and conducted under the companionship. NSS is a Central Sector Schemes of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India. It was incepted in the year 1969 to provide opportunities to the young students from High school to Postgraduation levels to take part in various government led community service activities and programs. The students will receive hands on experience and exposure while delivering community services. The student volunteers who opt to serve the nation through the NSS led Community service will be provided with a badge. They feel a sense of resposibility and pride putting on the NSS badge while serving the needy. The motto of NSS is “Not Me But You”. And its objective is “Serve the downtrodden in the society” and “Personality Development through Community Service”.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

At MNR many students volunteered for NCC. MNR Medical College & Hospital is associated with NCC. Various activities are organized and conducted under the companionship. NCC is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. Its opened to school and college students not on cumpulsion but on voluntary basis. Its a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air-Wing. Its aim is to groom the youth of India into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline”. Greater importance is given to social service and youth management rather than military training.The objective of NCC is to develop character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure, and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens of India.


MNR strives for excellence in catering to the needs and comfort of the students. Immediately after the commencement of its Medical College Campus (MNR-HERA) at Sangareddy, Telangana State. It has provided transportation facilities shuttling across various parts of Hyderabad city and the College, initially with three buses.

Over the years as 8 more institutions of various specialties were established on the same MNR-HERA campus, MNR as customary, seeing the necessity of transport services to the growing number of students, sprang into action by operating 10 buses shuttling across various parts of Hyderabad and Secunderabad city and the campus. A separate transport facility is also provided for sports, library, laboratory, special classes, and late evening classes. Also, buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays, for students who are participating in NCC/NSS, sports, special occasions, and functions, etc. A transport committee headed by the Transport Officer takes care of the smooth operation of buses schedule and maintenance.


MNR Higher Education & Research Academy (MNR-HERA) Campus is a vibrant mini-city that features a full spectrum of residential, leisure, entertainment, and communication facilities. MNR-HERA has been meticulously designed to help students lead a happy and comfortable life while staying away from home, thus providing an atmosphere that is perfectly conducive for effective learning. There are separate hostels set up for boys and girls studying in the institutions on the campus.

Hostel Accommodation (Boys/Girls): Separate residential blocks for boys and girls, well-illuminated street lights, and a utility center.

NRI Residential Block: MNR residential block for NRI students has all the modern amenities to suit their needs and comfort. This block offers rooms for an individual stay or on twin sharing basis with attached toilets. Additional facilities like air-conditioners, telephones, and internet are also provided.