Hospital Records/Hospital Management System

We, at MNR dental College, Sangareddy manoeuvre manual and computerized filing systems to maintain patient dental records. All records, active and inactive, are maintained carefully to be certain that they are not destroyed or lost. Data encryption and protection has been enabled to prevent any unauthorized access. As a mandatory procedure, all dental records undergo a thorough scanning from multiple systems employed within the campus to ensure the procedures accredited by the DCI is followed at all times.

Our dental college is also equipped with futuristic software and quality systems that focuses primarily on patient healthcare and safety. In this regard, there are many safety and healthcare systems in place and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are renewed depending upon the situation in hand.

Some of the management systems/records maintained includes:

  • Visitor’s management logs and records.
  • Records of patient healthcare provided including medications, procedures, if any, performed.
  • Number of visits and reasons for the visits.
  • Questionnaires/ forms for verification and consultation.
  • Doctors and physicians, specialists, consulted.
  • Doctors/physicians records registered and noted in software and available for download by authorized persons.