It/wifi Facilities

MNR Dental College & Hospital gives utmost priority for IT facilities to students which helps them learn better. The institution has an independent IT department for maintaining computers, peripherals, network devices and servers.

There are numerous computers installed in various departments with extensive network of cables and LAN connectivity and data transfer speed of 250Mbps and IT facilities to enhance the learning process of students. The MNR campus is intra and internet connected. Internet connections are provided in all department, staff room, classrooms and seminar halls. All the students and faculty are given login ID & password for utilization of internet facilities of the Institution. All departments, lecture halls and seminar halls have adequate computers, LC projectors and audio-visual systems which are supported by UPS and generator. The faculty prepare the teaching material using computers provided in their respective department and uses them for delivering their lectures. The quality of the teaching-learning process is enhanced through the utilization of online resources by faculty and students. The Institute has a virtual class room where regular remote teaching-learning is happening and the institute is plans to up-date web based learning system through NKN connectivity for access to open sources environments. The internet speeds have evolved over time from 50 mps to 250 mbps. The Institution upgrades the IT infrastructure and associated facilities whenever required.

Network Security:

For LAN Protection system, we are using Cyberoam 200ING Firewall and SOPHOS Endpoint Advanced Anti-Virus system to avoid risk factors from unknown sources (Pen drives/Internet). Cyberoam 200ING with Firewall for control the Network security and bandwidth Management. Daily Backup for IBM Server SQL DATA and using external Hard Drive to store data daily wise.

With the IT revolution and changing environment in education sector in general and teaching and learning process in particular, a shift from closed institutional network to open environment is happening. Internet connectivity is opened new vistas which enabled teaching-learning possible remotely through virtual classroom.