A definitive clinical and practical evaluation of dental students is always important. Our MNR dental college, Sangareddy has implemented OSCE/OSPE into the curriculum for effective teaching and learning process. An OSCE/ OSPE is accompanied by written (essay-type or multiple choice questions) and oral exams (viva voice).

  • OSPE/OSCE helps a student in better acquisition of knowledge and skill as it is a better tool of assessment and also helps in teaching modifications.
  • OSCE/OSPE as a teaching-learning methodology provides more emphasis on understanding.
  • OSPE/OSCE provides an opportunity to assess the clinical/ practical application of knowledge.
  • The OSPE appears to be a reliable device with a good capacity for discriminating between different categories of students.
  • The examination covers a broad range of clinical skills much wider than a conventional examination.
  • A large number of students can be tested within a relatively short time.
  • The method of OSPE/OSCE tests the students on what they can do rather than what they know.

Questions are prepared to provide an integrated, multidisciplinary based test. We noted an improvement in student’s clinical competence following the integration of this innovative methodology into the curriculum. All domains of learning objectives are evaluated in short span of time.