The MNR’s vision is “to establish a Dental College and Hospital of International standards to prepare competent and highly skilled Dental professionals and serve the rural population in the region with advanced research in Dental Health Care with special focus on enriching their lives”.


  • To evolve in to a center of Excellence in Dental sciences and technology through creative and innovative practices in teaching, research and extension services with community orientation, in a student centric learning environment.
  • To produce Internationally acceptable, competent and world class Dental professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • To provide appropriate technology mediated education (ICT) and to shift focus from teaching to learning.
  • To provide access to the socially disadvantaged sections of the population of this region through dental education and treatment.
  • To instill in the students a sense of National pride and infuse ethical and moral values and commitment towards society.
  • To share a network with other global institutions in the area of knowledge, research and technology.